Barrels of candy.  They sit inside our MoonPie General Store in a shop we call Yummy Bear.  And every single day while at work, I walk past those barrels again and again and again.  Sometimes I stop and pick up a single piece to enjoy.  On some days, I might stop a couple of times for a single piece of candy.  Lately it has been the Peppermint Patties.  They are a newer barrel candy item for us, and they are delicious!  But in the past three months, I have been working at losing some weight.  So I say to myself, “Make wise choices.”  And I walk by those barrels without stopping.  To be honest, I did stop at those barrels twice today, before telling myself, “You don’t need that.  Make wise choices.”

We are faced daily with making decisions.  Where shall we spend our money…where shall we spend our time…how do we pick our friends…what will we eat…will we exercise…how will we relax…how much sleep…what has to be done and what are my priorities…and on and on.  Some decisions we make without a thought because we have developed certain habits or routines.    Because we are booksellers, we think choosing books and reading are wise choices!  They certainly can enrich our lives in a number of ways, and they contain no calories or unhealthy ingredients!  If only we craved books, the way we crave sweets!  Maybe we can train ourselves to be hungry for books.   I think we can.  Today I said “no” to Peppermint Patties.  Now then, let me find my next good book!

Michael Beagan

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