Children’s Books

Kids. They splash in puddles, pretend to fly, ask the best questions, wear frosting on their faces, give us great hugs, twirl in circles, make up funny songs, and create a lifetime of memories that make our hearts glad. They also love to read. Kids. . .

Our kids are amazing little people…on their journey to become amazing big people. Life is about adventure…about learning and discovering…about becoming. When you put books into kids’ hands, you open doors to all those things. And when you sit alongside a child to read or turn the pages or listen…well…you are suddenly sharing stories together that can take you almost anywhere. Why there is no telling what you will do, or who you will meet, when you’re reading a book!

Practice “Construction Destruction” with a bulldozer and Pete the Cat. Ask the Baby Bear, “What do You see?” Sit in a tree with Five Little Monkeys. Play Hide-and-Seek with Pout-Pout Fish. Help Olivia make a charm bracelet or eat green eggs and ham with the Cat in the Hat. See Where the Sidewalk Ends and meet a Very… Hungry… Caterpillar. Learn how to draw bugs or doodle. Ride on plane or train, or maybe on a giant dinosaur.

And you know, in the blink of an eye, kids become teenagers, and move from Pinocchio to Shakespeare…from Alice in Wonderland to Homer’s Odyssey…from Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Boxcar Children, to the “Sense and Sensibility” that belongs to Jane Austen and to the Adventures that belong to Huckleberry Finn.

Books like “Divergent,” “Beautiful Creatures,” “The Hunger Games,” and “Fault in Our Stars,” continue to move the hearts of older teens.

And books of every kind…for every age…and every mind…can be found on our shelves here at the MoonPie General Store and the Original Book Warehouse.

So, what are you waiting for? You know…when you give a child a book, you’re really saying “I love you.”


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