Christian Books & Bibles

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”

Here at the MoonPie General Store and the Original Book Warehouse, we have always carried Christian books, and our selection today is better than it has ever been. Does it seem a little strange to refer to some books as Christian? God created everything, so we can say that everything belongs to Him, and that there should be no distinction between spiritual and secular. But there are some writers who write for the purpose of honoring Christ and pointing others to Him. Their writings encourage believers in their faith and invite non-believers to examine their lives and consider Christ. They write with some measure of holy inspiration…and their writings leave the reader no doubt of their primary purpose… to help us consider our lives in the context of Christ as Savior and Lord.

If you give these books sub-categories, they could fall under leadership, business, the church, bible study, missions, marriage, parenting, relationships, maturity, healing, prophecy, devotions, and prayer…to name a few.   Some are true stories…biographies, autobiographies, memoirs…telling of how Christ changed their lives…perhaps telling how He raised them up, how His strength and grace abounded, and how He helped them overcome the most difficult of circumstances.

Some books are fiction…they are not true stories, but they are written like novels or mysteries, and we see how the main characters are influenced by their faith. Fiction or non-fiction, many believers find that reading Christian books point them to Christ and His gospel in a way that strengthens their faith.

It pleases our bookstore to offer these books on our shelves and so honor Christ, and to offer them not only to adults, but to children, teens and young adults who desire to have them.

In addition to Christian books, we have a section of Bibles in a variety of translations, bindings, and print sizes…for nearly every age. For the younger children we offer Bible storybooks that we hope will cause them to love the Word of God at an early age. We offer many different Bibles that we hope will meet the needs of older youth and adults. The Word of God is a treasure and is the holy, living Word…the voice of God speaking into our lives…and we think choosing the right Bible for you or as a gift for someone is terribly important…and so we are happy to spend time with you to answer questions and be helpful as you consider what we have to offer.


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