Jacobs Ladder Shop

Our Jacobs Ladder shop started out as mostly Christian gifts, and we consider it important to offer those. Over time, it made more sense to us to place our Christian gifts close to our Christian books. And so we have done just that, and offer bible covers, bible tabs and highlighters, mugs and travel mugs, pictures, framed poems and sayings, southern gospel CD’s, Christian jewelry and wristbands, t-shirts and caps, Bible games, and other merchandise that we can find that is inspirational or has scripture on it.

So what’s back in our Jacob’s Ladder shop? Think of this shop as visiting the buffet table at an all you can eat restaurant. That means you can find a wide variety of gift items in this shop. Many of our customers are puzzle lovers, and so we are keeping a large assortment of puzzles on hand for them to choose from. You’ll find some garden items like birdhouses, wind chimes, garden stones and garden gnomes. You’ll find some Christmas books and gifts in this shop…and you’ll probably see more and more Christmas items whenever that season approaches.

What else you ask? Well, it is our love of the outdoors and wildlife that causes folks to want to bring the outdoors…indoors. And there is a beautiful assortment of items that feature the outdoors. So in our Jacob’s Ladder shop you’ll browse pictures, framed art, mugs, travel mugs, soup mugs, salt and pepper shakers, paper towel holders, trivets, clocks, thermometers, welcome mats and more…and these items will feature wildlife like bears, deer, wolves, horses, birds and fish.

You just really have to be here to appreciate this great product!



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