Yummy Bear

Inside the Moonpie General Store you’ll find a little shop we call Yummy Bear. We hardly know where to start. Kids of all ages love this shop and their eyes get big when they see the barrels of old time candy! There is so much to choose from and you’ll want to grab a little white candy bag and fill it with all your favorites you remember from the past.

These barrels are filled with Bit-O-Honey, Banana Splits, Kits, Mary Janes, Orange Slices, Cow Tails, B-B-Bats, Peanut Butter Bars, Taffy and more. Other candy favorites in this Yummy Bear shop are stick candy, pop rocks, Sugar Daddys, candy cigarettes, Coconut Patties, Teaberry or Fruit Stripe Gum, and a Tennessee Favorite called Goo Goo Clusters, made in Nashville, Tennessee. Take home a box of Smoky Mountain Taffy, made right down the street from us.

Are you feeling a little brave? Perhaps you’d like to try one of our Tobasco brand spicy chocolates…dark chocolate with a touch of Tobasco pepper sauce! While you’re here, you’ll want to browse our jams, jellies, honey, and salsas…something delicious for your cabin or hotel room, or take it home with you to enjoy later.

If your taste buds prefer the salty over the sweet, how about some nuts or chips? Our Route 11 Chips favorite is the lightly salted, kettle cooked chips, but maybe you’d prefer sour cream and chive, or sweet potato chips.

So all this snack talk has probably made you thirsty, hasn’t it? We offer ice cold RC, Peach and Grape Nehi, Cheerwine, Stewarts sodas, and an assortment of old time or novelty drinks such as Frostie’s Blue Cream soda, Dad’s Root Beer, Brownie Caramel Root Beer…and for the daring, you’ll want to try Bacon soda. That’s right, we said Bacon…soda. Buffalo Wing soda, Avery’s Toxic Slime, or how about an Avery’s Zombie Brain Juice.

With everything from moonpies to candy to chips to soft drinks, there is something for everyone!


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