Nana’s Toy Box

One of the little shops or gift sections in our store we call our Nana’s Toy Box Shop. This shop carries a wonderful assortment of toys, games, and puzzles for infants, toddlers, and young children.

We’ll tell you right away that we proudly feature toys with the brand name Melissa & Doug. The Melissa & Doug product line offers fun and educational products that are of tremendous value, quality, and design. Many of their items are made of wood. We carry a large selection of their puzzles, and they have great coloring pads and water color pads…and sticker pads…as well as various craft related toys where you might decorate your own jewelry box or race car!

Think back and remember a simpler time before ipads and iphones, before Nintendo and Sega, before Xbox or PlayStation. Before you had to buy batteries for all the toys.

Think back to when a child used their imagination, knew how to pretend, and was creative in their play. Now you’re thinking Melissa & Doug. We can’t say enough good things about their product, and you’ll find gifts for your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, for the neighbor child’s birthday party or the church baby shower.

But Nana’s Toy Box isn’t all Melissa & Doug. We’ve found room for a great assortment of Ty plush animals…the kids just love the little bears, dogs, ponies, owls and other critters that live in this shop. We’ve also made room for Sesame Street Characters…for Curious George…for some travel games and table games.

Our toys and games selection changes all the time, as we look for fun items to offer at great prices. Come see for yourself what we think is so special about our Nana’s Toy Box Shop.


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